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A journey to BODI

            The Ilampirai initiative is ignited on 27 May 2010 to provide  educational support to  deserving kids who have NONE to fuel their interests. Ilampirai laid its first stone to construct the bridge between the noble and the needy in Bodi on August 06 2010. The day made a remarkable happiness among ilampiraians and the kids over there made the mode  precious to evryone.

Volunteers Participated
  • Sundaram S
  • Pradeep Pandian C
  • Muthuram L
  • Alagarsamy SM

Site Details
            Bodi is a place in southern part of Tamilnadu, more like a forest range. Ilampirai found two schools;  government school, Bodi and  Sillamarathupatty panchayat union school that has been teaching students from tribal background . The children in this school did not turn up for classes owing to the fact that they did not have proper school uniforms,school bags etc.


 Government School Bodi
  • The government school has classes up to 8th Standard.
  • The school has only 2 buildings to accommodate the children.
  • The buildings are not very old at the same time they are not recently built.

 Tribal Kids Hostel
  • The tribal hostel is being run by the Pasteur and an in charge, currently they are in the rented house.
  • The toilet and the sanitation facilities are not in that much good condition.
  • The electricity connection is also not proper as they are managing with a CFL lamp without fan.
  • As they are not funded enough to meet their grocery expenses, the children are liable to lack nutrients in the food.

Government School Bodi
  • Most of the children in the school are from tribal background. The teachers there are doing an excellent job. These teachers have more responsibilities like teaching behavior, discipline , presenting oneself to these children, in the first place, rather than teaching them subjects.
  • The children are sharper enough to identify the national leaders, their curiosity in grasping the new things is outstanding and the energy that the kids had while doing the performance is tremendous.
  • The children are able to answer the basic questions related to their subjects and also in general knowledge.
  • The children are having the clear vision towards their future goal.
            The children had never been exposed for a medical checkup. If a children is ill, then proper        treatment is given to the kid with care.

Requirements in the Hostel
  • They need the financial support in paying rent for the house.
  • They also need contributions to meet their monthly expenditure for food.
  • The children are not having proper clothes to wear.
  • The children needs to be exposed for a medical check up in a regular basis
  • The children can be educated more in the communication skill to survive in the competitive world.

Our Contribution
  • We contributed 50 school uniforms to the kids who are really poor in the Sillamarathupatti panchayat union school.
  • We also donated Rs,10000 to a specially challenged girl, who has been doing teacher training. This money would be used for her treatment, so that she would be able to take care of the kids thee in the school as she wishes.
  • We conducted quiz and drawing competition to the kids in the school. Each child had a goal and claer cut vision about the future. We also served food at the kids at hostel and spent some time with them playing and chatting- after all this is what they have been looking for all the time!!
  • We presented cricket bats, foot ball for the kids to play in the school.
  • We had lunch along with the kids and enjoyed a lot with them.

Suggestions from Team
  • The grocery expenses can be shared to reduce their burden in providing the food to the children.
  • Each kid needs to be groomed to become a point of contact to uplift their community people.
Written By - Alagar

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