Saturday, November 12, 2011

Day with Gandhiji Home Kids...

Team Members Attended:
  1. Sundaram.S                                   5. Muthu Ram.L                               9.Mohana Priya
  2. Alagarsamy.SM                              6. Ramadoss                                    10.Vishwanath
  3. Ramya Priya.M                              7. Suresh Muruganandam
  4. Gunasundari.D                               8. Elil Nidhi
Event Description:

With the welcoming cool weather in the fine morning , our team “ILAMPIRAI” reached the Nemilichery home by  10.30 AM with a warm welcome by Mr Vaanarsan, wherein the home was a small residential house comprising of nearly 25 kids who vary in their education levels from 1st class to 10th class. Our team has planned a series of activities for entertaining and introduced the activity based learning to the kids for the duration of nearly 2 hours.

The series of activities planned were as follows:
-          Segregation of kids into 4 teams managed by a ILAMPIRAI member for each team.
-          Team Introduction with a guest performance and a logo designed by the kids
-          Quiz activity having following rounds:
a)      Jumbled words
b)      General knowledge round
c)      Test your memory round
-            Announcement of Winners  and distribution of prizes

As per the plan, there was a perfect alignment of the teams according to their education level. Four equal teams were divided and the game started. Kids were more amazing when they were given with a chart and asked to prepare a team name and logo. There was an excellent spirit in them that made them to design their team name and logo in just 10minutes. The team names were as follows:
-          Team A: Super Singer
-          Team B: Siruthai
-          Team C: Super Guys
-          Team D: Tiger
While preparing for the round 1, we thought that the kids would find it difficult to go with the jumbled words but overwhelmed to see the response of the kids in all teams answering to each and every jumble and bagged their points. In the same way the second and third round proceeded with a good response from the kids making us surprising when they answered to the questions even if they took some time.

Last but not the least is the prize distribution, and the winning team Siruthai accompanied by Gunasundari and the runners team Tiger accompanied by Muthuram got their trophies.
Chocolates and stationary set were provided to each and every kid wherein we saw their faces to be happier after receiving it. Notebooks and uniforms were distributed at the end to each and every kid which was the main agenda of our visit.

This visit made all of us happy after seeing the SMILES of the kids.

Written By - Muthuraam

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